Watch educational content about our aircraft, program and delivery process.



Meet the Diamond Aircraft Family

We lined up every plane in the Diamond Aircraft fleet so you don't have to. 

Learn about the history of Diamond Aircraft, the differences between each model, and what makes Diamonds the SAFEST General Aviation airplanes in the world today!

Taking Delivery of a NEW DA40 NG

Follow along as Steve Studley tells the story on why he chose the Diamond DA40 NG as his personal aircraft. This aircraft met all of Steve's needs & wants including practicality, speed, and safety.


Full DA40 NG Demo Flight

Experience a full Diamond DA40 NG Demo flight with Lifestyle Aviation's demo pilot Sam Linton. Learn the ins and outs of the aircraft, how it performs in flight, and what makes the Jet-A burning DA40 NG a superior plane for travel and training.