About DiamondShare®

An aircraft ownership option that makes the dollars make sense.

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Introducing DiamondShare®

DiamondShare was created to provide all pilots an option of ownership or access to an amazing modern aircraft so they can achieve their dreams.

Our Secret is Sharing
DiamondShare is a unique program that enables people to obtain personal mobility through modern aviation via an innovative ownership and block lease program.

By pooling interest via the DiamondShare program with up to three other parties, owners can dramatically reduce their total cost of ownership while enhancing their aircraft ownership experience. Also, business owners that plan to use their aircraft for some level of business flying, will be amazed at current tax advantages available to help own the aircraft of their dreams.


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What is the DiamondShare® Concept?

The DiamondShare Program Features Diamond Aircraft, the safest and most efficient general aviation aircraft ever produced. The single engine aircraft are ideal for learning to use modern aviation safely and productively while providing a 170 MPH "Magic Carpet" to provide you Freedom and personal mobility. The twin engine aircraft provide fast all-weather personal transportation and business productivity. Ownership plans produce significant economic and tax advantages for qualifying buyers.

Modern Aircraft, with their advanced computer based avionics and efficient composite airframes are truly “Magic Carpets” able to provide unprecedented personal freedom. Most owners of aircraft use their planes 80 – 100 hours a year which equates to only 5% of the hours in a typical working year, excluding weekends. Modern aircraft prefer to be flown as opposed to sit most of the time.

Further, aircraft ownership has a number of fixed costs that don’t vary based on the number of hours flow such as insurance, storage and avionics subscriptions. Due to these factors, some find the economics of individual aircraft ownership a bit out of reach while others have difficulty justifying the investment for the utilization. Often times buyers “settle” for old outdated aircraft to reach certain economic price points with the result being they then own an aircraft that is not as capable and their goal of personal mobility is not truly achieved and they keep looking and dreaming of the ideal plane.

Finally, there is a Personal Mobility Solution that leverages the power of Modern Aviation Technology AND Makes the Dollars Make Sense.